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Becoming a Fashion Designer

Are you thinking of becoming a fashion designer? Do you wish that your design shall be listed alongside the designers like Armani, Lagerfeld, and de la Renta on various online luxury platform like Tata CLiQ Luxury, Darveys, Elitify and so on. Well, in doing so, you’ll be creating way more than just art – you’ll be creating art people live their lives in.

Understanding fashion is not everybody’s cup of tea. Along with skills, you ought to have that passion that drives you to become a top fashion designer in the future.

What is Fashion Designer?

Getting designer clothes to market is a more difficult process than some realize and it is not the sole responsibility of the fashion designer to see the entire process from start to finish. Fashion designers apply design and art principals to clothing and apparel or accessories in ways that are supposed to make the clothing aesthetically beautiful. The process usually start from researching consumer demands, their taste and the current trends in the fashion industry, and then come up with an initial concept for the design. They then either sketch that concept or they use a mannequin and place the fabric over the mannequin to get an initial sense of what the design will look like and whether it will work well as a finished product. Fashion designers usually don’t work solely because the process of designing a concept, physically putting the pattern on the article of clothing, and then putting together a finished product and bringing it together is too much responsibility for one person. This is why fashion designers usually prefer to work in a team with professional sample-makers, merchandisers and pattern-makers to ensure that the design would look beautiful and that it will also create demand for the same, once it make it to market.

Education Requirement

It is encouraged but not required to have a bachelor’s degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising if you want to become a professional fashion-designer. Initially, you can start off from the bottom of the ladder as a fashion designer and work your way up without a formal degree, but most manufacturers, design firms, and apparel companies look for students with a bachelor’s degree in a fashion-related subject. The reason that makes degree important is because these programs teach students about art history, textiles and fabrics, design strategies and techniques that include computer-aided design, and business and marketing strategies that help aspiring designers understand the financial side of design as well.

Current Market

The fashion industry in India is comparatively small when compared to international markets but it’s booming and going from strength to strength, particularly for emerging designers. Now is the perfect time to harness your creative potential to create something grand and visionary – a creative expression of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Fashion designers are some of the better paid employees in the design industry although entry-level fashion designers usually don’t make much to start. In May of 2015, Armani jeans India estimated that the median annual salary of fashion designers was Rs.6.00 lack pa, which is nearly Rs.1.50 lack more than the median annual salary for the average professional working in an “arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations

The fashion industry is made up of so many unique and creative people; there is never a dull day in fashion.

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