Buying jewelry is sometimes scary but this can be eased through prior preparation. Three out of every ten women are always expecting gifts in terms of jewelry during any holiday occasion. Also two out of ten gift- givers will gift out jewelry.


Before buying any Bridal Jewelry or gift jewelry the following are important:

– You will need to acquaint yourself with the purity criteria. The value of gold for example will be determined by their fineness or purity which is measured in karats.

– You will need to select the right purity for you. Very pure gold is much more expensive, susceptible to scratch and damage and can easily break as compared to gold that is alloyed. You should consider how regularly this jewelry will be worn since the more regular it is worn the higher the risk of damage.

– You also will need to consider whether the jewelry is coated or vermeil. For example in the case of gold jewelry you should know whether other metals have been dipped in molten gold to create a coating.

– You will need to take into consideration the color of the jewelry, normally for gold it comes in yellow, white or pink. Yellow gold presents its natural color but it however doesn’t mean that it is always pure. White gold is created by mixing it with nickel while pink gold is gold mixed in copper. In the case of diamond the best are the colorless ones. Others that are blue, yellow or even pink are usually more expensive.

– For diamond you will need to consider the carat which is a unit of measurement with one carat being equal to one-fifth of a gram.

– You will also need to consider the cut in the case of diamond. The cut has much impact on the scintillation of the diamond.


First you will need to find a reputable dealer for example Mitchum Jewelers which offers the largest selection of diamond and any Bridal Jewelry at a reasonable price. It would otherwise be unwise if you would make such a significant purchase at the first dealer you see.

Second you will need to inquire on the warrant offered. Even though warranties will bring additional costs it will be much wise if you buy jewelry has a warranty. Also you should inquire whether the dealer will offer some kind of return policy.

Third you will need to be aware of scams. U.S laws require value trademarks so that you can easily avoid scams.

Four and most important you will need to know how to properly maintain the jewelry. It is important that the jewelry is cleaned regularly and stored properly.

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