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5 Pointers For Selecting A Great Hair Straightener For Different Budgets!

Flat irons, also better known to many as hair straighteners, are great styling tools. Get one in your stash, and you will never have to worry about dry and fizzy hair again. Of course, buying a flat iron can be confusing, thanks to the huge number of options that are available in the market. A good idea is to read a few reviews on websites like Designsauthority.com, which can help in understanding the common aspects. Here are some of the things that need your attention.

  1. Start with the type. Flat irons have flat plates, which make it easy to straighten the hair, but not all models are the same. Some of the hair straighteners look like brushes. As you switch on the model, the brush will heat up and straighten your hair. There are other flat irons, which are ideal for curling, as well, so you can get two products for the cost of one.
  1. Consider the plates. Ceramic flat irons are quite popular, and typically, these are the cheapest in the market. If you are low on budget or have thin hair, this is something worth considering. Alternatively, you can go for heavy ceramic ones or tourmaline ones, which are pretty decent and can retain heat for a longer time. Titanium flat irons, on the other hand, are expensive but do a great job by retaining heat longer.

  1. Consider the brand. Some flat iron brands are better than others – Period. You need to know what expert reviewers and other buyers have to say about a brand, and you can take a call accordingly. You won’t replace your flat iron every year, so pick up something that will last for a couple of years at least.
  1. Consider the settings. Ideally, a temperature of 350-370 F is more than enough to straighten normal hair, but if you have extremely dry and coarse hair, you may need a straightener that comes with higher temperatures. Some flat irons can straighten towel dried hair, which is a good feature, although you shouldn’t heat your hair when wet.

  1. Check the extra features. Does the model have a display? If yes, it is an advantage, because you can have a better control on the temperatures. Secondly, does the iron have ionic properties? This can be great for getting shinier hair. Also, if you are someone who travels very frequently, you should consider getting a cordless model, which might be expensive but is worth spending.

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