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Canvas Tarp: 4 Reasons To Use A Tarp For Your Truck Bed Cover

You love your truck and everything about it. But one thing that a truck usually does not give you is the option to cover the bed. Sometimes you need a cover to protect items from the weather or prying eyes. You should consider a canvas tarp before you buy a metal bed cover or tonneau cover.

Why Are Canvas Tarps a Good Idea?

Metal bed covers are nice, but they will be a hassle to remove and store if you ever need more space in the back of your truck. These types of bed covers are also susceptible to damage since the metal is quite thin. An item that is a little too hard could potentially dent your cover. Not to mention that these tops are usually expensive.


Tonneau covers, on the other hand, are a little easier to work with, and they can be easily removed. But they are still a little expensive when compared to simple canvas tarps.

The following are just a few reasons why canvas tarps might be a wise choice:

  1. They Come in Various Colors

The color of your truck should at least influence the color of the canvas tarp. You do not want to purchase canvas tarps for sale without making sure that they match or accentuate your car’s color. This is purely an aesthetic matter, but it is important to point out.

And it is good to know that the color is permanent; you don’t have to worry about repainting as you would with a metal cover.

  1. Canvas Can Be As Thick As You Want

You can also make sure that you purchase thick or heavy duty canvas tarps if you are going to be transporting items that are a little hard. Thick tarps are incredibly resilient and should not get damaged if the items in your truck hit it while in transit.


  1. Canvas is Weather-Proof

Most canvas is made with weather-proof material. This is due to its many uses, like serving as a rudimentary camp tent. Your items should definitely be safe from water by simply using a tarp. All you need to do is make sure that the hooks that you are using to secure the tarp are on the outer-edge of the truck bed.

  1. Canvas Tarps Are Multipurpose

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of canvas tarps for sale is that they can be used for more than just your truck bed. You can use it–as mentioned earlier–for camping. But you can also use the tarp to cover items that need to stay out of your home, like freshly chopped wood for your fireplace. All you have to do is use your imagination, and you should come up with other ways to use the tarp.


As you can see, using a canvas tarp as a cover for your truck bed is a wise idea. It can save you money, and it will be useful in other ways. You will also be able to remove it and easily store it, too.

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