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Don’t Buy a Leather Bag until you Read This

Purchasing a leather bag is something that you must do smartly. You will want to get a high-quality product that will last for a long time. So before you buy your next leather bag or leather backpack purse, consider the following first.

Kind of Leather Used

As with leather jackets and shoes, you will wish to pick a leather bag made of full grain leather. You will come up with a top-quality item that looks even more fantastic after many years of years. High-quality leather creates an attractive patina or a look that shines. This quality is not available in treated leather.

Tanning Process

Preparing leather for bags and cases is done in different ways. Be aware of the difference between chrome tanning and vegetable tanning.  Leathers that are chrome-tanned, went through a tanning process that uses chromium and other harsh chemicals. Meanwhile, leathers that are vegetable-tanned are tanned using natural materials.

The Country it is Made From

Often, the leather’s origin tells the quality of the bag. Countries such as Italy, the United States, France and England are known to produce quality leather. However, these days a lot of companies capitalize on the “Italy” reputation by carrying out all the work in another country and finishing the product in Italy and stamping the final product as Italian leather. Ensure you get premium leather whose tanning and high selection is done in Italy and other reputable countries.

Handwork and Durability

Quality leather bags have precise stitching and leather that is carefully selected. They should be able to hold a particular weight and can be moved around without the potential of getting damaged. Durable bags tend to be made from full-grain leather.


Even the little part of a leather bag has to be checked to ensure you end up with a reasonable purchase. Examine the details from every side of the bag. Pay attention to features such as locks, buckles, handles, zippers, metal rings and shoulder strap fittings.

Bag Color

Leather bags can be black, tan, dark brown or light brown. Dark brown and black bags are perfect for professional use. They show a sense of power and authority. Lighter brown and tan bags suit a more relaxed or casual working atmosphere.  Black tends to be the most formal option because it complements all colors. However, it is important to remember that dark brown leather is also a good choice since it stays quite classy and elegant for a long time.


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