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Don’t Send Out Gift to Clients without Reading These Tips

These days, the world has welcomed hacking and rock start start-ups. This results in a lot of concentrating on new user or customer acquisition although it can cost eight times more than customer retention. Although it is fine to work hard in order to grow your customer base, don’t forget the value behind brand loyalty and customer retention.

Giving gifts to your clients shows that they are important to you. This strengthens you relationship, an essential element of a successful business. Investing a gift for your clients now could reap huge benefits throughout the year. Just ensure you do it right. However, with access to a lot of various gift ideas, you may find it difficult to pick what works best for you and your recipient. This can require a bit of thought and creativity. The following are some tips to guide you.

Offer Something Useful

Try to step away from the conventional logoed pen and put thought into something your client can use. For instance, postage stamps that have your company logo on them will remind your clients of you whenever they send a letter. They will be thankful for what you gave each time they do not spend that postage money.


Consider things that you can use every day, every week or every month. See how a product relates to your kind of business and how your customers can use it. When you have a strong relationship with that client, it is fine to be bold about asking the kind of gift they like and use this as your jumping off point.

Customize the Product

Look for a gift that is personal to your client and to your brand and work. When you are giving calendars, don’t forget to write in dates significant to your working relationship or offer a personalized journal and then write a note on the first page. Letting the gift bear more meaning makes it more significant and memorable. Just consider one of your favorite projects or clients. Could you do something for your client? What exactly makes your relationship with them special? Consider this as your guide in going through your list of clients.


Do Something your Client Did not Expect

Whether it is a card or gift, make it unique. Ensure you end up with a card that stands out from the pack. If you send a conventional card, put something in there which is likely to surprise your recipients such as a gift or coupon card. Don’t forget to include a note which sends them on a scratch off card with a possibility win something or a scavenger hunt.

Deliver the Gift with Thought

Your way of delivering your corporate gift can be your medium to send your thoughtful message through.  I used to wonder what gifts I can use for customer loyalty programs. But I decided to give chocolates to my closest clients. While people don’t like to deliver gifts anymore, this is a good chance to show you thank your client in person. Also, you could include small trinkets or gifts within the packaging of your client’s next purchase from your business. This adds the surprise factor we have talked about.


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