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Enjoy Your Diving Sessions With A Compact Underwater Camera!

Diving is fun and relaxing at the same time. While professionals have many more objectives, people who have just started with scuba diving and deep-sea diving are more interested in life underneath the water surface. Each dive will be very different from the previous one, and you would be rather surprised with diversity in marine life, even when the diving spot remains the same. It goes without saying that divers do need an underwater camera. If you check for choices, you will find three categories – mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and compact cameras. Unless you are ready to handle the cumbersome and big setup of DSLRs, a compact camera is just perfect. Here’s what you need to know.

How good is a compact underwater camera?

Compact cameras, as the name implies, is just that – compact. You don’t have to bother about too many accessories, gear and filters, and it is almost same as using one of the action cameras. In fact, the best underwater camera is as easy as using a flashlight. Of course, critics often argue that compact variants don’t offer the same videos and footage as DSLRs, but you have to consider your experience too. Someone who is more interested in diving and marine life wouldn’t want to handle a big camera in the first place. With reduced weight, travel-friendly design and great features, compact cameras are more than enough for regular divers and even for professionals to an extent.

What to expect?

Compact cameras often have proprietary and patented features, which are exclusive to respective brands. It is important to understand that underwater photography is tricky. Visibility is often an issue, especially when the water contains consider suspended particles or the lighting isn’t enough. Also, some fishes move very fast, so the camera needs to be smart enough to capture everything. As with any camera, the resolution of underwater cameras is also important. Most experts also stress on getting a model that has a wider angle. Battery life, quality of optics, resolution, and ease of operations are points to consider. Most cameras don’t have enough storage space, so you have to get a MicroSD card, depending on what’s supported.

Can I get clear and smooth footage?

Underwater cameras have come a long way in recent years. Many compact variants how feature patented Depth-controlled Color Correction and White Balance, ensuring that users have bright and clear videos. With the help of Electronic Image Stabilization, you can expect smooth videos that are not bogged down by natural elements that may bog down the recording process. Some cameras are designed to capture images in low light, so check what you get for the package.

It would be worth mentioning that compact underwater cameras come with diverse price tags, and the price is dependent on the features and brand. You have to do a bit of initial homework to find the right product. If you plan to continue diving, so for a better model that will serve your requirements and purpose for at least a while.

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