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Five Reasons Women Love Flowers

Some guys of may think that flowers are no longer appealing gift items. But, most women adore fresh flowers even if they don’t last, especially when they get them as a surprise gift from someone they love. These days, flowers as gifts are no longer limited to bouquets. Did you know that there are rose teddy bears now that match the significance of flower arrangements?

They are Feminine

Although nothing can match a woman’s delicate beauty, flowers come close. Flowers of all kinds can represent feminine beauty. However, delicate blooms like lilies and orchids are particularly famous to reflect the fragile beauty usually associated with women.

Flowers are Romantic

Flowers, especially roses, are a symbol of romance and love. Getting a floral arrangement from the person you love is a romantic gesture which makes a woman feels loved. For most women, flowers are a timeless gift.

They are Practical Gifts

For some men, flowers lack practicality. Flowers from a good florist are often pricey and cannot be used by their recipients. In fact, they end up being thrown away after just one or two weeks. That’s why a lot of men prefer to give their lady something practical, those their women can use for a long time such as a gadget or some clothes. While these gifts are okay, special romantic occasions such as anniversaries and Valentine’s Day call for a bouquet of flowers that makes a woman smile. Flowers, especially roses, send a hidden message of love and care. Women who receive a flower arrangement appreciate the gesture that their giver spent money on a special gift for them.

They are Special

Women who get a bouquet of stunning blooms sent to her workplace can become the envy of her colleagues. Nothing could be able to brighten their day than getting a beautiful surprise from someone close to one’s heart. For days, the flowers will be displayed on their desk and become an attraction. The women will feel special and this feeling can intensify as the people around here know somebody is treating her like a princess.

They are Meaningful

A lot of flowers have symbolic meanings which make them more than just average gifts. Most men who give flowers to their lady choose a special kind that fits their recipients’ preference. For instance, choosing pink flowers express gratitude and giving lilacs show their love.

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