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Four Essential Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Winter Tires

Winter tires provide the grip every driver needs to stay safe while behind the wheel in the cold months. If you are buying tires for the first time or want to get a new set of tires, you want to make sure you buy the right set. The quality of tires is not the same for all manufacturers and so you need to take into account some things to ensure you get your purchase right.

Read on to know what you should look out for when buying tires designed for the winter:

Grip for Ice and Snow

A number of winter tires have a better rating for snow while others provide traction on icy roads. Tires for the winter tend to grip better on either condition compared to all-season tiers and you want to buy a set specially designed for icy and snowy conditions together.

Driver Comfort

Using snow tires ensures that you ride your car in the winter more comfortably than regular all-season tires.  The reason is that all-season tires tend to freeze over in the cold months and make a clunky, uncomfortable ride. Tires made for the winter are pliable in harsh conditions, allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride without vibrations and bumps.


Manufacturers produce tires especially for the winter and make sure they will last for a long time. This makes these tires worth your investment. And because you don’t use your tires all year-round, their life extends more. Great tire models can provide you with at least 20, 000 miles which often means using them for three winters before replacing them.

Manufacturer Warranty

A number of tires perfect for winters don’t come with warranties when you buy them. However, those that have one are definitely worth the money you pay. Try to purchase tires that carry a five-year warranty that protects you from manufacturing defects.

If you are ready to a winter tire, make sure you get four matching ones. You want the same brand and style so that wear and tear can be even. This also allows you to use the manufacturer warranty that may be void if you use four of the same tire. Once you get the tires, have them installed by a professional. Although this may incur extra cost, it makes sure your tires you well-balanced for even wear. As a result, you will get more years out of the tires you bought.

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