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Four Tools to Develop Your Cosmetology Skills

You’ve decided that you want to be a cosmetologist, and you’re ecstatic to have found your calling. You’re determined to hone your skill set and become the best you possibly can at your job. Finding a mentor, taking focused classes, practicing, and utilizing high quality tools can all help to make a difference in your work.

Mentors are known for their expertise and advice. Do you have a favorite teacher or associate who has many years of experience in the field? Are you drawn to this person’s ethic or other qualities about their work style? You may elect to invite them out for coffee and ask for a more professional mentor relationship. You might agree to meet periodically in order to discuss your progress or specific skills that you are developing at any given time. These meetings will give your mentor a chance to express feedback and for you to ask the questions you need to.

Taking specialized classes meshes nicely with meeting one on one with your mentor. During classes, you’ll more than likely be in a group setting with other people seeking to hone a similar skill set. This will give you the chance to learn from peers and to get comfortable with the tasks at hand. Check out aohd.com for class options and pricing in your area. As you develop confidence, your own personal style will begin to shine through. As you find your heart in the work, you will be able to share your own flare with the clients who, eventually, end up in your chair.

Perfect practice makes perfect. Practicing cosmetology skills like blending, lining, and highlighting will give you a chance to understand how different sheens and colors work together on a variety of different types of skin. Experimenting can be the best way to get to know your colors, try out different techniques, and to get to know your own mannerisms. The way that you apply a highlight to someone’s cheeks may be completely different from your colleague’s touch, and that’s completely okay. Comfort with your own style paves the way for individuality and pizzazz.

Lastly, invest in professional grade tools! Regardless of your technique or skill level, the right tools for the job make an enormous difference. Consider them an investment in your future, and know that you’re worth spending the money to take your work to the next level. With that said, there’s no pressure to go out and buy everything all at once. Take time to see where your preferences lie and go from there.

Mentors, classes, practice, and tools lay the foundation for developing your cosmetology skills. Be patient with yourself, trust the process, and watch yourself grow a little more day after day.

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