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Ideas for the Excellent Dollhouses for Boys

It was a time when there was a misconception that dollhouses are only for the girls. But with the invention of the gender neutral toys, things have taken a different turn now and the boys don’t have to fight with their sisters and other play mates to play with the dollhouse. You can get you son a dollhouse and trust us it is not at all a girly affair. Boys these days have quite a number of options when it comes to play with a dollhouse. The makers are becoming more creative in manufacturing attractive dollhouses for the boys and the gender neutral ones allow both the boys as well as the girls to play with the dollhouses.

If you’re creative and have some good dollhouse ideas for boys you can also opt for a custom building dollhouse which will give a personalized touch of yours. Here, we have a list of amazing dollhouse ideas for boys for you—

A Perfect Superhero Dollhouse

Boys hero worship the superheroes. You can surprise your toddler by presenting him the perfect superhero dollhouse. You must have the idea of his favorite superheroes so depending on that get the list of the numbers of superheroes you want in the dollhouse and give it to the salesperson so that he can arrange per your requirements. Your son will instantly fall in love with the superhero doll house that he has ever imagined. Instead of rushing towards his sister’s dollhouse, he can get his own dollhouse.


Wooden Treehouse

It’s almost every dad’s dream to build his son a tree house. But if you’re living in the city apartment fulfilling that wish is simply preposterous. Instead of forgetting that dream, you can move ahead to design a perfect tree house doll house for your son. You can design that with your own ideas and add the attractive features like putting the miniatures of all the family members including the pet dog or cat in your home.  You can also plan to put the toys he loves playing.

A medieval castle

Different types of premade dollhouse castles are available at the celebrated toy stores. You can choose the one which matches your need or you can also customize the one per your requirements.

The Miniature of the Boy’s Room

Finally, plan to build a miniature of your son’s room in the dollhouse which will simply awestruck him.

These are some wonderful dollhouse idea for boys.

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