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Packing for a seaside vacay? Here’s some help

We present a simple guide for packing your way to the happiest beach vacation of your life.

It’s summer time, and it’s also time to pack your bags and head out to a gorgeous beach town with your friends! Your tickets are booked, your hotel stay is in place, and now you have to start packing for your holiday.

This is the part you dread, because it leaves your room messy and your head reeling. Calm down, and just follow our simple packing guide:

* Pack light – literally. Your bag is the focus of your prep for your holiday. You scramble to pack all the clothes you need – shorts, jeans, tees, shirts, hats, etc. Then you realise that some of your clothes are really not ideal for the beach holiday you are leaving for. If you need new clothes, shop for them on a good online fashion app like Jabong. You can get a range of summer wear on the app. But be sure to get your holiday shopping done early, in case you wish to leave some time for exchanging some of the summer wear you bought.

* Carry essentials separately. Good summer wear apps also sell summer essentials like moisturiser, sunscreen lotion, anti-tan lotion, cleanser, toner, hair care products, etc. Look for all that you need to keep your skin and hair in good health during your vacation. You will also need a separate bag of medicines, your travel documents, foreign currency, etc. Make sure that all your currency is not packed in your hand bag – you don’t want to be caught short if your hand bag is lost or misplaced.

* Carry a stylish travel accessories bag. Since we’re on the subject of travel documents and currency, allow us to suggest that you buy a new travel accessories pouch or bag from a good shopping app. The bag can hold your passport, tickets, currency, extra SIM card, travel insurance, etc. Make sure it is of a size that comfortably fits inside your hand bag.

* Have extra shoes and socks packed. If you’re heading to a beach town, you will need separate footwear for the beach. You can’t trail sand back to your hotel, and you can’t get it in your clothes, either. So buy a new pair of rubber flip flops and extra pairs of socks from the summer wear app. You will also need a separate storage bag for these items, so that you can pack them away securely in your bag on your way back home.

* A bathing suit is necessary.What’s a beach holiday without some swimming, right? But not all online fashion sites sell swimwear, so you might have to really look for a new bathing suit much in advance of your holiday. Try a good sportswear store that retails bathing suits, swimming goggles and rubber head caps.

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