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Peculiar Facts about Oily Skin and How to Rectify Your Troubles Today

There is a fine line between having a healthy, fully moisturised complexion and an unmitigated greasy mess sitting atop your skin – something that you’re probably no stranger to if you’ve ever dealt with unrelenting oily skin.

So, let’s get you up to speed on exactly what causes oily skin, what makes it worse, and how to get rid of this problem in a safe and economical fashion.

Are There Risk Factors for Oily Skin? What Makes it Greasier?

Leaving your skin dehydrated and parched will encourage your subcutaneous oil glands to go berserk and produce surplus amounts of natural lubricant, but, for many women, OTC salves also tend to trigger these glands as well. This is why we have to zoom out and look at the bigger picture:

  • It seems as though we can hold our hormones responsible for everything that goes wrong with our bodies, but our endogenous chemicals, endorphins, peptides, and other innate factors have an especially acute effect on our skin.
  • You’ve probably caught wind of the phrase, “You are what you eat,” and your skin categorically personifies this mantra. Studies have proven that excess consumption of dairy products will promote increasingly oily skin, and, as part of a chain reaction, the development of blackheads, acne, and pimples.
  • We cannot control our genetics, but they can surely control us. Some people are chromosomally predisposed to have a disproportionate number of sebaceous glands that can easily become overcharged and fervid – a dermatologist is able to help you ascertain whether this is the case.
  • The lion’s share of skin conditioners and creams have oil-rich ingredients and salves that compound organic grease production underneath the epidermis. Moreover, the mass production of these unguents makes it fiendishly challenging to find an individualised product that is made to measure for your unique dermal traits.
  • Your medications and multivitamins can do a number on your complexion, but you might also like to know that the side effects stemming from OTC pills and prescriptions will always worsen when you experience bouts of stress and mental tension.

If you are beleaguered and hounded by greasy, overly lubricious skin, you have to gain control quickly and take some steps to assuage this dilemma, but, contrary to mainstream opinions, the solution does not involve scrubbing your skin like a maniac.

So, What Can I Do to Regulate My Oily Skin?

The first thing you have to do is throw out all of your oil-laden creams and then obtain an oil free moisturizer for oily skin.

On this subject, the best oil free skin care products contain two primary ingredients – Imperata Cylindrica and Antarcticine.

Imperata Cylindrica is a type of desert plant extract sourced from Australia that can help moderate the expression of your sebaceous glands without plugging them up altogether. Antarcticine, on the other hand, is obtained from glacial elements in Antarctica, and this molecule is renowned for being able to constrain free radicals while concurrently rejuvenating your skin with natural moisture.

Products with these two components are normally referred to as gel creams, and they are safe for all skin types, so keep your eyes peeled as you scroll through unguents online.

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