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Shopping For A New Washing Machine? Check These Important Aspects!

Like any other frequently-used appliance of your home, the washing machine must be replaced after a decade of use. If you look up for options, there are a bunch of choices, both in models and brands, but before taking the final call on budget, consider these aspects.

Basic features

  • Drum material. The wash drum, also called the wash tub, is typically made of plastic or stainless steel, not considering those made of porcelain-enamel. The cost of laveuse stainless is usually on the higher side, because these can withstand speeds and lasts longer, even with years of use.
  • RPM. For the uninitiated, RPM stands for revolutions per minute, which refers to the number of revolutions a tub can make during the spin cycle. In terms of drying clothes, the higher it is, the better.
  • Features. Budget washing machines don’t have a lot of additional features, but for fully-automatic ones, you can get pre-wash setups, which can be used for different types of clothes. These are usually brand-specific, so keep a check on the latest models to know what more they can offer.

Types of washing machine

In this regard, you have two choices – semi-automatic and fully-automatic. A semi-automatic washing machine has different tubs for drying and washing, so you have to manually transfer the clothes to the dryer after washing. This can be beneficial, because the washing cycle can be stopped in between if required for extra scrubbing. Also, semi-automatic machines consume less power, and since the operations are simpler, repairing and replacing parts is easier.

On the other hand, a fully-automatic washing machine is smaller in size, making it more convenient for smaller homes and apartments. Also, you don’t have to intervene in between, which is a great advantage when time is a factor. The wash cycles are usually customized, so you can always select settings for different fabrics. On the flip side, fully-automatic washing machines can be expensive and can consume more power.

You may also have to make a choice between front-load and top-load washing machines. The latter consumes more water and power, while front-load ones have the advantage of being gentle on clothes. Do your homework and select a washing machine that fits the needs of your family. Among other aspects, energy-star rating and warranty are important details worth considering for comparing products. For most of the better models with commendable features, expect to pay more than $300.

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