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The Best Rated Umbrella Strollers In 2017

Best umbrella strollers in 2017 have become one of the hot cakes on the market. Most parents are opting for them due to the excellent quality service they provide, and they are cost-effective as compared to other strollers. This has caused a flooding situation in the market since most companies are manufacturing them due to the increase in demand. Here are some of the highly rated umbrella strollers you can find on the market.

Summer Infant 3D lite umbrella stroller

This is the best umbrella stroller you can ever have. It is classy, sassy, posh and sleek and it is perfectly suited for your child. The features are numerous, and above all, it is very cost effective. To begin with, the wheels of the stroller are fitted with anti-shock devices so that it can absorb any uneven movement that is likely to cause a disturbance to the baby. The stroller also has wide storage space underneath it. You can use it to store the baby snacks and the baby pads. The other distinct, unique feature is that it has a special cup holder position where you can put your coffee when going out to bask in the sun.

The stroller is well endowed with a high tech canopy that can be adjusted so that it can protect your child from adverse weather conditions or excessive sunlight. The seats are also very comfortable for the infant. This is made possible by the inclusion of 4 point recline positions. Thus you can adjust the sitting area to suit the comfort of the child.

UPPA baby G-lite umbrella stroller

This is one of the best umbrella strollers you can purchase. This stroller is exceedingly light; in fact, it weighs less than 7 lbs, but it is a really stable stroller. It comes with a canopy that provides a sunshade for the infant. The canopy of the stroller is very efficient since it is specially manufactured so that it can absorb the UV rays from the sun. It also has a cup holder for the coffee lovers or those parents who love taking water on their way. Since it is a lightweight stroller, you can fold the umbrella quickly without using much energy.

Chico echo umbrella stroller

This stroller is rated among the top 10 strollers that you can have. This is because it is very stable. In fact,  the only challenge with this stroller is that it is a bit cumbersome. It weighs about 16lbs and above. Though this is a challenge, it is also an advantage for those parents with children of about 2 years. The canopy is also adjustable, depending on the weather condition.

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