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Where to Buy a Hoverboard Cart

Hoverboard carts are popular these days. They also make perfect birthday or Christmas presents. The question is where to buy them. No doubt, they are available in stores. But going out there to choose and pick the right one for yourself or your loved ones can be a drag.

The next best option is shopping for it online. There are literally a hundred online stores on the internet. You can choose any kind of brand or model that will suit your budget and preference. Some carts are suited for comfortable riding or racing.  This guide will show you where to a buy hoverboard cart online.

Hoverboard Carts at Amazon

Your first stop, no doubt is Amazon. There are a lot of hoverboard carts here that can fit kids and adults. The simplest and cheapest contraption can go below $30 while the fancier ones can cost you more than $200. But there are a lot of decent carts on Amazon that are available for under $100. It’s just a matter of choosing a cart that can offer comfort, utility or both.

The site also lists the significant specifications of the hoverboard carts. You can also see if the vendors free shipping and the number of stocks available.

You can also gauge the cart’s popularity by the number of reviews. Five or four stars means it’s a quality product while a three star indicates an average quality. A two or one star means you should stay away from it and look for a better model.

Hoverboard Cart Offers at eBay

eBay is another online platform where you can buy a number of hoverboard carts. Not as many as Amazon but most of them will convert your hoverboard into a go-kart. This is probably why the demand of hoverboard carts are rising. The lowest is under $50 while the pricier ones are below $100. If you want to buy the hoverboard and cart, the cost is less than $350.

Hoverboard Cart Deals at AliExpress

Surprisingly, AliExpress has the roughly the same number of hoverboard cart selection as eBay. Half a dozen of the carts are below $50. The rest of the carts have prices ranging near or above $100 but none of them will cost you above $150. The prices mentioned do not include shipping costs.  Some of the vendors offer free shipping. Others require premium shipping which can cost as much as the cart.

Walmart Has Hoverboard Carts Too

Walmart has stores scattered all throughout the US. But the retail giant is also offering hoverboard carts online. Walmart has roughly the same hoverboard cart options as eBay or AliExpress. Currently, most of the carts are selling for less than $50. Only a few have a price tag above that price range. Most if not all of them come with free shipping.


Hoverseat is an online store that also sells its own kind of hoverboard carts. Most of their models are designed to help you go to your destination in comfort. If you are looking to convert your hoverboard as a go kart, this is not the place. The cheapest ones are below $50 but the more elaborate ones can reach up to more than a $100.

Toys R Us

If you are looking for hoverboard carts, don’t go here. Toys R Us does have a hoverboard cart for sale but it’s a “take it or leave it” option. The store’s lack of enthusiasm for the hoverboard cart is probably because they sell a lot of go karts. On the other hand, Toys R Us sells hoverboards as well.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another store chain that does not offer much when it comes to hoverboard carts. The ones available are above the $100 price range. Just like Toy R Us, the retailer also sells hoverboards. But for hoverboard accessories, better look somewhere else.


There are plenty of online platforms and stores where you can get a hoverboard cart. Some have more selection than others. You can choose the one with a simple design or an elaborate one.  You can also choose a cart designed for comfortable riding or speed racing. The best online sites to shop are Amazon, eBay and AliExpress in no particular order.

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